About NUDC

Our Mission

The National Utilities Diversity Council conducts research to educate, develop best practices and guide efforts that will promote diversity in the utilities and communications industries in the areas of governance, employment, procurement, language access/customer service, and philanthropy.

We are a non-profit organization that

  • Provides best practice and professional and business enhancement programs –webinars and virtual panels,
  • Presents workshops and institutes in collaboration with associations and utility companies around the country,
  • Conducts and sponsors research on supplier and workforce diversity,
  • Publishes white papers on key topics,
  • Designs and hosts the interactive Supplier Diversity Toolkit in collaboration with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioner’s Subcommittee on Utility Marketplace Access, and
  • Convenes an annual conference of leaders in diversity.

Our member/donors are industry professionals, suppliers, public agencies, and other interested leaders from around the U.S. and by supporting NUDC through your membership you not only help us undertake these important programs, you also become part of a dynamic and exciting group of industry leaders.

Diversity is part of the strength of our country.  At NUDC we are working to help make sure it can continue to be part of the strength of our industry as well.   

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