Visage Energy: A Family That’s Changing the Equation and Creating Opportunity

23 Feb
Posted by: Laurie Dowling
It all started with Hazel O’Leary. And three guys in a room. This brainstorming led to a new way for diverse businesses to participate in the energy sector. And along the way an energy-focused MBE consulting firm figured out how to grow its ...

Diversity and Inclusion – Why Now?

19 Sep
Posted by: Laurie Dowling, National Utilities Diversity Council
All of us at NUDC are thinking of our sisters and brothers in Florida, Houston and Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. If you can, please make a gift to a charity of your choice that is helping those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - a national ...

Because We're All Worth It (with apologies to L'Oreal)

11 May
Posted by: Laurie Dowling

Welcome to the National Utilities Diversity Council’s first blog post.  Our goal with this blog is to share with you research, articles, and posts we’ve read recently, along with our thoughts on the topic.  Because our mission covers supplier diversity, workforce diversity, language access/ customer service, governance diversity and philanthropic diversity, we’re trying to focus each blog post on a specific topic.  For today we’re looking at an aspect of workforce diversity.  Future posts will focus on other areas of diversity, we promise.