Building and Maintaining Client Relationships: Best Practices for Suppliers

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Byron Witherspoon, Director of Supplier Diversity, Ameren

An ongoing relationship with a business client is crucial to long-term success and showcases a supplier’s commitment to the supplier diversity process. Cultivation of a successful relationship to utility clients play a big part in business retention and growth. It’s more than just “getting the job done” and demonstrating strong business capabilities.

Join Byron Witherspoon, Director of Supplier Diversity at Ameren as he discusses the best practices suppliers use to maintain and grow their business with utility clients and ways a utility supplier diversity team can help cement relationships with their diverse vendors. He’ll discuss communication methods, flexibility, and the soft skills that can influence the client relationship.

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NUDC’s Supplier Diversity webinar series is sponsored in part by generous support from Pacific Gas & Electric Company