Effective Partnerships: The Precisionists and Delmarva Power

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Effective Partnerships: The Precisionists and Delmarva Power

Julie Nelson, TPI and Rob Short, Delmarva Power

Partnerships can be an effective way to collaborate with different organizations to increase workforce development and capacity. The best partnerships have a champion who can help establish and sustain a long lasting relationship. Join NUDC as we hear from an exceptional partnership between The Precisionists, Inc (TPI) and Delmarva Power. TPI creates jobs for individuals across a broad range of disabilities, and Delmarva Power, with the help of Rob Short, saw this as an opportunity for a partnership. Julie Nelson from TPI will discuss how finding a champion at Delmarva Power with Rob Short was critical for success.

Julie and Rob will discuss how to approach partnerships strategically, how to align priorities, and what support and engagement is required to sustain an effective partnership, as well as how to measure success. Most importantly, we will hear how partnerships can leverage diversity and inclusion.

This webinar is ideal for executives, human resource professional and regulators.

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