Impact Analysis: Supplier Diversity Supporting Activities-How does data inform the impact of outreach activities to advance opportunities for diverse suppliers?

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Impact Analysis: Which Supplier Diversity Activities (Outreach Events, Internal Policies) Truly Advance Diverse Suppliers?

Jose Espinoza, Supplier Diversity Program Manager, CalWater 

How do you prioritize activities? Why measure impact? What does impact look like? Join Jose Espinoza, as he reviews a data-driven program: the importance in measuring impact, top-five activities; he will share tips for supplier diversity managers, advocacy organizations, and diverse suppliers. He’ll conclude with how to implement a similar approach.

In addition to going beyond demonstrating diverse spend, this webinar will illustrate the importance of each step in the supplier diversity process including why it’s important to know where diverse suppliers are coming from, so you can identify barriers. More importantly, when you have current metrics on suppliers, those metrics can be used to encourage supplier diversity growth.

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