Outperforming Yet Undervalued: Women in Utilities

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am


The Honorable Katie Sieben, Chair, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission


Valoria Armstrong, Chief Inclusion Officer & VP, External Affairs, American Water; NUDC Board of Directors

The Honorable Diane X. Burman, Commissioner, New York State Public Service Commission

Lisa Salley, VP of Global Industry Services, American Petroleum Institute

We all have followed the challenging numbers of women in STEM jobs and in utilities and communications overall.  Women in utilities and communications (all functional areas) represent about 39% of the workforce.  For STEM functions that percentage is lower. And a study cited by Million Women Mentors indicates that a very high percentage of women in STEM careers nationwide do not wish to stay. Why is this?

A study from Colorado State University on the experiences of women in college may hold part of the answer. The study documented that women are outperforming men in both physical and life science undergraduate courses at the same institution, while simultaneously continuing to be perceived as less-able students.

Have you ever found that your opinion, your work, your professional insights have been discounted or ignored due to your gender or race? We asked for volunteers to share insights on this experience and we invite you to please join us on December 2, 2020 for this special virtual panel on this topic as we hear from three women in the utilities speak about their experiences, with Chair Katie Sieben from the Minnesota Public Service Commission serving as the moderator.

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