Best Practices in Language Access

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Mohamed Hussein, President & CEO, Piedmont Global Language Solutions
David Evseeff, Capture/Business Development Manager, Piedmont Global Language Solutions

The ability to maintain clear communication with consumers is crucial to our industry. As the US population changes, more languages are spoken as the first language than ever before in our history. The NUDC is pleased to have Mohamed Hussein, President & CEO, and David Evseeff, Capture/Business Development Manager, at Piedmont Global Language Solutions, as they share best practices on language access and the hot button topics they are seeing in the industry. Additionally, they will discuss what factors should be considered in hiring a translation services firm and what your company should be prioritizing when it comes to language access. This webinar is ideal for utility and communication professionals in call centers, corporate communications, chief customer officers, regulators, and those in executive leadership.