BuildOUT California: Growing and Supporting LGBT Suppliers

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Rick Hobbs Seeley, Co-Founder, BuildOUT California; Co-Founder of AB1678

In 2014 two members of California’s LGBT business community (Rick Hobbs Seeley and Paul Pendergast) began the legislative process which led to California Governor Jerry Brown signing Assembly Bill 1678 in September of 2015. This law, championed by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, along with six of California’s LGBT Chambers of Commerce, became the Nation’s first piece of legislation to require regulated California-based energy, water, and telecommunications firms to include LGBT-owned business spend in General Order 156 reporting to the California Public Utilities Commission.

Fast forward and enter BuildOUT California, which is the world’s first LGBT Industry Association dedicated to the sustainable growth of LGBT owned & certified businesses,  in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Construction Services, Real Estate Development, and Related Industries. Join NUDC and Rick Hobbs Seeley as he discusses AB1678 and how BuildOUT California supports LGBT suppliers. This webinar is ideal for supplier diversity professionals, utility operations staff, regulators and regulatory staff, and executive leadership team members.

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