Welcome to the NUDC Website


Greetings and welcome to the National Utilities Diversity Council.  NUDC is a national non-profit organization that conducts research and shares best practices to encourage diversity.   It also is a community that cares about diversity.  A community of corporate leaders, regulators and regulatory staffs, suppliers, and non-profit professionals, all of whom are committed to encouraging diversity in utilities, telecommunications and cable.

Why do we care so much?   Well, we all know that diversity is good business, any company or agency that serves customers (or constituents) wants to reflect and be connected to the entirety of the community it serves.  But it’s also the right thing to do. To have a fair and equitable society, we also have to be fair and equitable in our business practices.   We feel this is one of the core values that reflect our nation’s aspirations and a value we want to encourage.

Why is NUDC important to this conversation?   At its heart, NUDC serves as a convener of dialogue and shared insights.  A town square for discussion of all aspects of diversity in the shared spaces of electricity, natural gas, water, telecommunications and cable.  A place where research and practical application can combine to help elevate both the dialogue and practice of diversity in our industries.

We are glad that you have visited NUDC’s website today.   And we hope you will join us in encouraging diversity through sharing best practices, attending a webinar, virtual panel or event, or through using our virtual tools.   Of course, you’re also most welcome to help through your tax-deductible contribution!  We would like to give special thanks to Liberty Power Corporation for its generous donation to make this site possible.

However you take part, we welcome you to the NUDC family!