Daryl-Lynn Roberts, Treasurer

Vice President, Visage Energy Corporation

As Vice President of Business Development at Visage Energy, Daryl-Lynn Roberts is responsible for developing and cultivating new business opportunities as well as relationships with energy companies and technology developers.  Most notably, she manages the clean energy technology-consulting group focused on assisting technology developers in accelerating commercialization/ deployment of technologies  (e.g. Microgrid, Energy Storage, Grid Modeling, Preferred Resources, and Carbon Capture & Storage).  She assisted in cultivating a strategic alliance with SRI to collaborate on multiple technology projects.  She also develops technology commercialization plans that address technical issues (e.g., a roadmap for the scale-up of technologies) and external engagement plans to outline an optimal technology transfer pathway.

While at Moore Clayton and Company, she spearheaded research on emerging technologies in the Energy and Media sector. The research was used by Managing Directors in conducting due diligence on the market potential of an industry sector.  While at Vernier Networks, she led cross-functional teams comprised of engineering, sales, and marketing responsible for managing beta customers prior to product launch and additional customers acquired post-launch.

2004-current     Vice President of Business Development                                        Visage Energy

2002-2004        Private Equity Financial Analyst                                 Moore Clayton & Company

2002-2001        Program Manager                                                                      Vernier Networks

2001-2000        Assistant Product Manager                                                                           Zaplet

2001-2000       Teaching Assistant of Engineering                                          Stanford University

2001-2000       Fellow, Mayfield                                                                        Stanford University


Education and Training


Daryl-Lynn received her Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 2004.  In 2002, she received her Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University where her primary emphasis was Entrepreneurship.  During this time she also participated in the Mayfield Fellows Program, a highly competitive program limited to twelve Stanford engineering students per year geared to expose participants to entrepreneurship as well as the venture capital industry.  In 2000, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. 


2000                  B.S. Industrial Engineering                                                        Stanford University

2002                  M.S. Management Science & Engineering                               Stanford University

2004                  Masters in Business Administration                               Harvard Business School




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