On behalf of the Boards of Directors of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners and the National Utilities Diversity Council, and the Toolkit Task Force, we are pleased to welcome you to the Supplier Diversity Toolkit – a resource for utility and telecommunications regulators, suppliers, and companies. The Toolkit provides data and information on supplier diversity in the utilities, telecommunications, and cable and broadband industries, including

  • A compilation of aggregated spend data and publicly available information concerning supplier diversity and population in each State;
  • Best practices across the spectrum of supplier diversity operations;
  • Tools for encouraging supplier diversity; and
  • Resources to help diverse suppliers identify opportunity.

Please feel free to download the attachments and use them to help advance diversity and opportunity in your own companies.  

The data contained in the Toolkit comprises information voluntarily shared by companies – sent to their State Commission and/or directly to the NUDC; as well as information from public sources.

To date not every State Commission has participated in the Toolkit, but we decided not to wait to share the data and best practices already gathered. We will add additional data as it becomes available, so please check the Toolkit regularly.

This project has received leadership and support from members of NARUC’s Subcommittee on Utility Marketplace Access, especially Commissioner Emeritus Timothy Alan Simon of California and Commissioner Harold Williams of Maryland, whose idea this Toolkit was, and Commissioner Ronald Brise of Florida (Task Force Chair) and Chairwoman Nikki Hall of South Carolina (UMA Chair). We thank them, and the Toolkit team – Baldwyn English, Obi Linton, Jerome McLennon, Mike Pierce, Derrell Slaughter, and Face Lift Designs – for their dedicated work on this project.

We thank you for joining us by using the Toolkit and in support of supplier diversity in the utilities, telecommunications, and cable and broadband industries. We encourage you to share data or best practices, or to make suggestions on information or features that you’d like to see in the Toolkit. For more information please contact us.

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Toolkit Resources

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